Future Stories

A simple list of dreams I hope to turn into future stories. It’s not in any particular order and is essentially a shortened version of my bucket list

– Attend Wimbledon

– Start a business or not for profit in the environmental sector

– Get my PADI

– Own my own PHO restaurant

– Spend a month in the wilderness camping

– Take my parents on an all expenses paid vacation

– Throw a crazy party outside my hometown and fly a bunch of my friends in for the party

– Swim with dolphins

– Climb Kilimanjaro

– Become someone’s mentor

– Get to Antarctica (as part of stepping on all 7 continents)

– Give a speech to hundreds of people

– Go on a hot air ballon ride

– Learn how to play the guitar

– Travel alone for at least 2 months

– Go fishing in a small boat in the middle of nowhere

– Bike up a mountain

– Write a book

– Have a party in the sky

– Ride a camel

– Run a half marathon

– Go on a blind date

– Be a vegetarian for a month

– Participate/organize a flash mob

– Go on a holiday with no luggage

– Plan the most romantic day for a girl and then execute it

– Sacrifice something for the one you love even if it means you won’t be happy

– Fall in love with a stranger

(Last edited Dec, 2013)

12 thoughts on “Future Stories

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  2. Hi “C” I hope you are will and working out hard for your competition. I am looking forward to the day when you get a chance to write, your list will keep you busy for a long time. Looking forward o hearing from you soon!

  3. What is a “PHO” restaurant?

    Great list BTW πŸ˜€

    I am doing a 1/2 Marathon on the 1st July πŸ˜›

    You have to write a “Tough Mudder” journal as well!! LOL

    • HWAT! you dont know what pho is…. so … australian.. it’s a type of vietnamese food .
      I would need to train extensively for a half marathon >_<

      • Ohhhh… I know, very ignorant of me!!
        Hey, what happened to there aren’t any dumb questions? LOL
        Nahhhh, if you are doing the tough mudder you would be able to do the 1/2. πŸ˜€

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