Late Night Adventure

I read the message on my phone. It was from my friend who was in town. He visits pretty often because his girl friend lives here.

“Yo, what are you doing?” It said.

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Birthday Blitz

I started my day off with good ol’ Denny’s at 12am. They offer a free grand slam at all locations provided you show them a valid id. I was able to convince two others to come with me and they had a midnight snack thanks to me. I was already hungry since dinner was over 3 hours ago. After finishing my first grand slam, I didn’t feel so good. Denny’s greasy food just doesn’t sit right for some reason. 1 down! Continue reading


Sequel to This Ain’t a 10km Run

I sat there thinking how badly I had just pulled my calf. I didn’t want to consider that I would not finish the course. My coworker  (one of my teammates)  would never let me live it down. I trained way more than him and if he made it to the finish line and not me… that would severely bruise my ego. Continue reading

This ain’t a 10km run

So what is Tough Mudder?

A 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test your stamina, grit, strength, teamwork and plenty of other things. For you Canadians out there, 12 miles is almost 20 km (almost a half marathon). You go through fire, mud, ice, water, electricity and more to get to the finish line. Continue reading

Training Day (Not like the movie)

I invited my friend to go training with me since it was the weekend and he likes to do a weekly workout. I was (and still am) training for Tough Mudder (quite possibly the toughest event on the planet – well that’s what they say) so I have had to pick up running on a weekly basis. Continue reading