“What if she is never available again”

It was a brisk cool Friday night.

My friend, Rick and I were waiting on one of my friends. The friend was running late so we headed in to grab a beer first. Rick was an interesting guy. For years he has been indecisive when it comes to his girlfriend. But his latest split seemed real this time. And now that he was single, he was dating another girl. But he didn’t want anything serious yet.

We started talking about how things were going. The topic of “the one that got away” surfaced. I had heard about this girl (hearby known as Liz). He alluded to her one night when we were drinking.

This time, I heard the full story. In some ways, it was the classic “boy meets girl story”. The great chemistry was always there and the timing was always wrong. They were never single at the right time. This time, he was single and she was in a relationship. It was not hard to see that he wanted this girl.

“But what if she is never available again?” He asked me.

He had a point. What if he never gets another chance?

“You’re right. She may never be available again. But I think you just answered your own question.” I told him.

The reason he was hesitant to get into a relationship with the girl he was currently dating was simply because she didn’t match the standard that Liz had set.

“If she doesn’t become available, you should still try to find another person that makes you feel the same way. I mean, why would you settle for anything less? Isn’t that what we all want?”

What’s that?

“Someone that gives you the feeling that anything is possible.”

– C

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