About the Blog

Welcome to stories and etc; a place where I will share stories, anecdotes,  and conversations of life. I started this blog because I am hoping others can relate to the stories and events that I encounter. I will never mention anybody’s name or where these stories come from, but they will all be based on real life experiences from myself and those around me. Names are always changed and genders may be changed to preserve anonymity. Posts that are tagged as “Import” are pieces that were written by me but imported from my other blog. Most of my posts fit into these major categories

Funny – This will hopefully give you a chuckle

General Stories – Stories without a particular theme/category will be here

Lessons – Lessons learned by me and perhaps those around me

Motivational – Stories and works that will hopefully inspire you

Other Blogger’s Stories – Great stories from other bloggers

Questions – Questions you can ask yourself

Quotes – Quotes quotes quotes… things I have said and the things said around me

Relationships – From friendships to love, life is all about relationships

Travel – Stories on the road

I try to write here at least once a week. If you like what you read, feel free to subscribe or share with others. And of course, as any blogger, I love to hear from readers so please comment! My contact is in the About the Author section. Everyone has a story, feel free to share yours here as well.

Share your story

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