Chapter 4: One Day

This won’t be a normal post as it doesn’t follow the “story” style of my blog . It’s also the last post before I go on a blog hiatus from here.

9 months ago, I re-accounted my travel romance story in 5 parts here (Prologue, Chapter 1: The Meeting, Chapter 2: Second Chance, Chapter 3: Fate, Epilogue).

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A Christmas Eve Bonfire

Port Dickson, Malaysia

It started with the idea to have a Christmas Eve bonfire on the beach of Port Dickson (PD). The guest list grew from a small group of a few people to a large group of 40 plus. It was actually my first Christmas away from home and I was still missing the comforts of being home for the holidays.

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On a night where my plans got cancelled at the last moment, I decided to do something random: I went to watch airplanes land at YVR.

I have done it before, though I wasn’t really paying attention the first time. This time however, I found it oddly peaceful and beautiful. You could watch the planes close in on the runway and screech to a stop. You could hear the rumble and powering up of the engines as planes take off. Something I wouldn’t expect myself to really appreciate, but I did. Continue reading