Travel Moments: The Unexpected Friend

Singapore, Singapore

It would be the shortest time I spend in a country on my trip. I had detoured my Singapore trip to meet a friend (AJ) there because he wanted to do a short trip with me. And after 5 months of constantly meeting people, a tiring travel romance, and the fact that I was nearing the end of my trip, I was starting to put less effort into meeting people.

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Costa Rica: The First 24 Hours

The final twelve hours in Vancouver were not exactly how I imagined them. I was not excited. I had started getting pre trip jitters a few days before but they had settled down for the most part. I had been worrying about how I would fair on my first solo trip. I knew once I got into the groove, I wouldn’t have an issue. I had backpacking experience and I have always felt I was a good instinctive traveler by nature. On the other hand, I was overly emotional over other things. Continue reading

Letting Go

She called me an idealist. I understood what she meant. It’s something I’ve been trying to change about myself. It’s not an easy process for me. I used to be very impatient with a short temper to match. Combine it all together and you have someone who could get emotional over something and let it turn to animosity and grudges. In other words, I didn’t always let things go easily. All my life I’ve probably been that “idealist“. I’ve grown up with ideals and strong principles and I didn’t tend to back down from them. As I try to do this thing called “growing up”, it has taught me that letting go of some of those ideals is simply required. Continue reading