Late Night Adventure

I read the message on my phone. It was from my friend who was in town. He visits pretty often because his girl friend lives here.

“Yo, what are you doing?” It said.

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Costa Rica: A Review

This isn’t something that goes with the general theme of my blog but I find it is useful to read other people’s travel recommendations. So here’s my brief review along with some recommendations.

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Birthday Blitz

I started my day off with good ol’ Denny’s at 12am. They offer a free grand slam at all locations provided you show them a valid id. I was able to convince two others to come with me and they had a midnight snack thanks to me. I was already hungry since dinner was over 3 hours ago. After finishing my first grand slam, I didn’t feel so good. Denny’s greasy food just doesn’t sit right for some reason. 1 down! Continue reading