On Second Chances


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A Christmas Eve Bonfire

Port Dickson, Malaysia

It started with the idea to have a Christmas Eve bonfire on the beach of Port Dickson (PD). The guest list grew from a small group of a few people to a large group of 40 plus. It was actually my first Christmas away from home and I was still missing the comforts of being home for the holidays.

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“Don’t Settle”

I had finished my meeting with my friend and was hanging around to do some work. Sometimes I enjoy working outside in a coffee shop. It’s a change of scenery and that can make me more productive. On weekdays during the day, you will have an older crowd; what I refer to as the retired crowd. In the evenings and weekends, it’s a takeover by students. This was a weekday evening. Thus, it was jammed with students.

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Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

Okay fine it’s not my anniversary yet. But I’m going to have a hectic October so I’m not sure if I’ll be writing then. On Oct 5th, 2010, I launched this blog. So I’m about a month away…

At the time, I wanted to do something a little different; a blog with a little bit of direction. My original goal of this blog was simple: to share stories and pieces that people might find some value in. This was my first post . I’m still fairly clueless on life, but I think I have made some progress. I hope others have as well.

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