Third Wheeling… in Bed?

We were all hanging out and having a good time for my friend’s birthday. One of the birthday girl’s friend was from out-of-town and was staying in a small hotel suite. So we hung out there and played drinking games until the late hours.

We had already decided to stay over since the train service ends prior to 12 and we didn’t want to cab back individually.
So when the night was over, there was 4 of us: the out-of-town friend (Jim), the birthday girl (Wendy), the other friend (Kelly) and me. I originally called dibs on the couch but Kelly was also wanting to sleep outside the bedroom (where the couch was). Wendy was already crashing on the bed and it was assumed then, that Jim would share the bed with Wendy (who was already sleeping at that point). I was going to let Kelly have the couch if she was going to sleep outside, but Jim insisted that Kelly also share the bed. It was a big bed and he said there was enough room for 3 people.

After some banter, she relented and agreed. I happily plunked down on the couch and got comfortable. After a few minutes, Kelly came out, “Here, this blanket is for you.” She said. I was already using a decently sized towel which worked fine, but I accepted, even though I immediately put the blanket on the chair after she left. It was a bit too much.

The scene of the birthday bash

The scene of the birthday bash

A few minutes later, she came out again with a pillow, even though I already had a pillow. I politely accepted again. She was a little drunk so there was no point in refusing the gesture. “Here, a good night kiss!” She said. That was unexpected and it probably confirmed her interest in me as I don’t think she was that drunk.

Now, I could finally go to sleep.


After a really good sleep, I woke up to Kelly shaking me awake. I felt like I was in a pleasant dream but her waking me up made me completely forget my dream.

She said something which I couldn’t comprehend. “What?” I replied.

She repeated it. “Jim and Wendy started kissing. I could hear them.”

“What?” I said again. I was so confused and I wasn’t entirely registering what she was saying. Being waken up abruptly doesn’t put me in the most aware state of mind.

She started telling me about how Jim and Wendy started making out while she was sleeping in bed. I sat up partially and finally understood what she said. I also registered that she was half wrapped up in a blanket.

“Why are you naked?” I said as I noticed she didn’t have a shirt on.

“Because that’s how I sleep.” She said it very matter of factly.

In my head, I was like “Okay, um sure…” before I said something like “Okay so now what…”

“I didn’t know what to do! It was so awkward. This is why I didn’t want to sleep there in the first place” She said.

“Alright, here, you can sleep on the couch.” I said.  It was 7:30am at this point so it wasn’t long before we had to get up. She said she was going to sleep on the floor, but that was ridiculous.

I made myself a new home on the chair as she took the couch.

After I actually woke up, it was pretty funny replaying this conversation. Nothing actually happened beside some kissing since Jim got up shortly after Kelly left.

There might be a lesson to be learned here. If you have a gut feeling that your two friends are going to get it on, opt to not be the third person in the bed. By doing that, you avoid possible awkward situations like this one.

– C


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