Travel Moments: The One

This was a trip intended to help her re-connect with her religious beliefs. She was traveling with her sister and together they would be joining a large group of like-minded individuals. What she didn’t expect was to meet someone.

The guy who would catch her eye was a gentleman from South America. Both exchanged glances at each other before they found themselves with an opportunity to talk to one another. They chatted on the bus and he did his best to use English. It was very broken English as Spanish was his mother tongue. But they chatted away the best they could. She was the quieter type so even with his broken English, he was the chattier of the two. His nervous energy was also coming through.

Over the next few days, they talked when they could. There was an obvious connection; that X factor that I always describe when you meet someone and you just know there is something about them.

One day, they were waiting for a priest to appear for the ceremony, After much delay it seemed like things would start much later than expected. So the two of them went for a walk.

As they were walking, it started to rain. A little at first and then quite hard. They ran for cover, but they were in the middle of a grass field. The closest cover they could find was a single tree standing alone. They scrambled under the tree quickly and realized they would be stuck here until the rain stopped. A little wet and a little excited from the run, they found themselves all alone in one of those perfect romantic moments.

If they didn’t want to admit there was something before, being alone together under the tree certainly did it. A perfect place for a first kiss.




After the trip was over, both of them went back to their home countries (Canada and Ecuador). But they exchanged contacts beforehand and immediately started talking over whatever means possible. Skype, online messaging, anything!

When he returned home to Ecuador, he immediately started learning more English so she didn’t have to listen or read his broken English.


Fast forward two years and he is now in Vancouver, Canada. A long distance relationship that some said had little hope of making it certainly proved the skeptics wrong.

They have recently got married and he has come here to start a new life with her.

Anything is possible.

– C

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