Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

Okay fine it’s not my anniversary yet. But I’m going to have a hectic October so I’m not sure if I’ll be writing then. On Oct 5th, 2010, I launched this blog. So I’m about a month away…

At the time, I wanted to do something a little different; a blog with a little bit of direction. My original goal of this blog was simple: to share stories and pieces that people might find some value in. This was my first post . I’m still fairly clueless on life, but I think I have made some progress. I hope others have as well.

I had a booming 2012 on this blog, but sadly I’ve seen a lot of bloggers depart the community since then. Only a handful of bloggers on my list still write regularly and about the same probably stick around to read. Crazily enough, I was looking at my countries list and over 140 counties have visited my blog. This will be my 157th post…I’m proud that people from all over the world have come to visit and hoping that some of them found something worthwhile for them.

I’m working on new stuff (including another blog) and I’ll probably be seen less around here. I refuse to give this blog up though. I will still try to post something every few weeks. Oh! I also finally revamped my blog so check out my new design and homepage!

Credit: DQ.com A little cake for my anniversary?

Credit: DQ.com
A little cake for my anniversary?

everyone has a story… 🙂

– C


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