A Lucid Walk

I walked around the place. I was in some sort of urban area with a few people walking around. I didn’t recognize it. A girl walked over to me.

It seemed she had talked to me before. That’s the problem with dreams. You often start in the middle. Or at least what you think is the middle. As the reality started to take place, I realized it wasn’t just any dream, it was a lucid dream.

I don’t often have lucid dreams but it’s usually a big deal when I do. It’s a chance to live a reality without any consequences. The only pitfall is that you can’t determine the reality you are thrown in. I couldn’t even tell if I was supposed to be in my “home” city. The girl started telling me that she had been looking for me. I asked why. She said we had to go somewhere. Since I don’t know which way is up, I play along. I prefer lucid dreams that put me in un-realistic situations though. Like the ones where I have Spider-Man powers.

I didn’t recognize this girl. Not a familiar face by any means but a pretty one at that. She started telling me that she was lucky to have met me. And that she was glad I had been persistent. With those comments, I am guessing this girl was my girlfriend in this dream. And a recent one at that.

We stopped as we reached some sort of ocean. I guess that’s where we were supposed to go. It seemed we were in San Francisco. But the reality was distorted. We were facing the Golden Gate bridge, but it wasn’t exactly the one you would see in real life. The beginning of the bridge was “collapsed” in an odd way. It was too narrow for cars and you had to climb down it as it descended.

There’s someone who wants to see you on the bridge she said.

I wonder who it was. I approached the bridge and carefully climbed down. Even in a dream this is nerve-racking.

“What… are you afraid of heights or something?” My girlfriend said.

I didn’t look up. “No, I’m afraid of falling.”

Not exactly what I saw but something like it.

Not exactly what I saw but something like it.
Credit: thecoolist.com

I made it down to the bottom, after what seemed like an eternity.

But I never met the person on the bridge. I wonder who it was…

Do you ever lucid dream?

– C


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