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I got her postcard when I returned home. I asked her to send me one from Thailand to complete my collection since I couldn’t find one during my short stay in Bangkok. What she wrote on the postcard was very her. Even her sign off of “always” left things ambiguous and could be read in more than one way. I laughed to myself and put it next to the rest of the postcards.


AJ: Are you ever going to see her again?

I gave a loud scoff. In my usual nonchalant way I replied.

“I still have her water bottle. I said I would return it, didn’t I?”

– C


6 thoughts on “Epilogue

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  2. You still have her water bottle?!?!? Great way to ‘end’ off the story 🙂

    I thought the events were put together immaculately. I really didn’t feel like I was reading someone’s personal blog, but definitely more like a romance as I said before. Hey, in the end, you had one BIG adventure– both physically from moving place to place, and emotionally too. It’s going to be a trip that you won’t be able to forget! I’d say that it was money well spent!

    • I brought it back to hong kong, but I never brought it back out b/c she replied too slowly (she had also told me to chuck it away by then actually). I have it in vancouver now =)

      Thanks K. I tried my best to find the right style (and balance to the story) to write in. Glad it came through

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