I sat there weighing my choices. SE Asia or South America. I wanted to do both. But that would mean cutting time in each to fit my budget. They also had similar ideal weather months. Perhaps in some ways, it didn’t matter. I had more important things on my mind at the time as I was making this decision during my Health Scare saga. I could’ve flipped a coin but I decided to go with SE Asia. And so it was decided.

– October 2012


I hadn’t made up my mind for my first destination yet. The days were passing by and flights weren’t getting any cheaper. I was debating Malaysia and Indonesia first. After staring at flights for the 3rd day in a row, I decided on Indonesia. Annoyingly enough, I fell sick and waited an extra day before I booked my flight. Then I changed my mind. I decided to do Malaysia first. I thought the obvious first stop was Kuala Lumpur, but my aunt suggested I go to Kota Kinabalu. I took up her suggestion. This is where the story begins.

– January 2013

– C


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