The Blitzing Readers and Other Randoms

There are a few posts that tend to get consistent hits because someone linked my blog post on a website. It seems like people are always searching for something related to friendship when they find that post. Most of the time they just look at the one post. But every so often I have a reader that does a blitz on my blog. And I mean a blitz… it’s like they run through half my blog entries. Does anybody else get that? The person rarely leaves a comment and likely doesn’t even have a WordPress account. I’m always flattered that they took the time to read more than 1 post though. There was obviously something that caught their attention enough to flip through more one entry. While us bloggers love our “likes” and comments, anybody stopping by to read is appreciated.

Also want to say thanks to Sunnysideup for sending an award my way. Never gotten one so yay for my first one! I don’t really do the survey thing since I hate it when some blogs spend half their time doing surveys and those award things..

I got rid of my News and Updates section awhile back and I want to replace it with something else.. I’m not sure what. Any suggestions?

This was really about nothing but I’ll have some new stuff up before the start of next week.



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