Birthday Blitz

I started my day off with good ol’ Denny’s at 12am. They offer a free grand slam at all locations provided you show them a valid id. I was able to convince two others to come with me and they had a midnight snack thanks to me. I was already hungry since dinner was over 3 hours ago. After finishing my first grand slam, I didn’t feel so good. Denny’s greasy food just doesn’t sit right for some reason. 1 down!

First Grand Slam of the day!

One friend went home and on the way home, we made a stop at Blenz for my birthday drink. Being the asian that I am, I get the biggest and most expensive drink (You can order anything on the menu, any size, any customization). The barista mentioned that I could get 7 shots of espresso if I wanted. I decided to pass on that.

Dark chocolate mochachillo

I didn’t drink my mochachillo since I wanted to sleep when I got home. I saved most of it for the next morning.

My morning began with a light breakfast (at home) before heading out at 12:30pm to Boston Pizza. My family joined me on my adventures and I cashed in on a free pasta at BP. They wouldn’t let me use my free appetizer coupon though (those bastards!). It wasn’t too bad considering it was Boston Pizza. I went with the safe choice. Tomato based sauce and lots of cheese.

Ravioli at BP

The next stop was Marble Slab for my free ice cream. I got a medium chai cone with kit kat as my mixing (she recommended it). It was pretty good and since it was Marble slab, the serving was monstrous. I went back home to lie down for a bit before heading out again at 5pm.

Chai and Kit Kat… melting like crazy in the heat

When we left again, I wanted another Blenz drink so I stopped by the closest one to my house (Steveston village). This was the start of a wild goose chase. Times must be tough because this Blenz didn’t offer the free birthday drink anymore. And so we went to Richmond Centre. And same thing. I figured that the main one on Ackroyd was bound to have it though. So we went there. And once again, no drink. We had wasted a good amount of time now and I was getting hungry. So we started to trek out to Metrotown for Red Robins. When we got there, we stopped at the Blenz there as well. No such luck. 4 straight Blenz locations and nobody would give me a birthday drink!

So we went to Red Robins… only to discover that this location had been closed down. In fact the whole complex was closed down. This delay was gonna cost me. The next closest Red Robin was either in Coquitlam or downtown. I didn’t want to do either, mainly because I had to meet up with my sister soon after. I decided to postpone Red Robins because it was a coupon and I had 2 weeks to use it.

We marched onwards to Denny’s again and I ate my second Grand Slam. It tasted really good cause I was very hungry by then. However, after the meal, the same greasy feeling sat in my stomach. There’s a reason why I don’t come to Denny’s often I suppose.

Grand Slam #2

Free appy: yam fries!

We went to meet up with my sister and once again we went to BP. I cashed in on my free appy and we got some dessert. The waitress gave me a free ice cream and drew up a nice little happy birthday for me. I was stuffed by the end of it. Technically I could’ve squeezed more food in the day but I would have had to start earlier.


My total damage was around $47 for the day which was well below my target of $70. The Red Robin thing cost me a meal and only the Garden City location Blenz gives out the birthday drinks now. I am definitely emailing Blenz corporate about this false advertising!

My advice for anybody thinking of doing this… Start early… call before going to Blenz… and bring a big appetite!

BP isn’t the best but they tried

– C


6 thoughts on “Birthday Blitz

  1. You are just a PIG.. hahaha!! Jks

    I have never heard of these places (you wouldn’t want to consume that food too often – very unhealthy) great for a treat though.

    Do you just go in and tell them it is your birthday for the free food?

    You mentioned an app – I might need to sign up (had my b’day already and will need to organise this for next yr) 😀

    For my b’day different businesses sent me stuff, a free movie, free comedy tickets (4), buy one get one free meal, discounts on clothing etc… (20%) It was pretty cool.

    Thanks for sharing C… bet you are really FAT now 😀 LOL

    • Well they aren’t in Aus =P. Mostly canadian franchises. Some of them send you a free coupon beforehand and some of them you show your ID (like Denny’s). Good thing for all that P90X…. hahaha

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