Meeting other bloggers?

Things are getting a bit hectic and I need to give up something. Unfortunately it will be blogging this month. My next post will likely be my stories from Tough Mudder.

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger and some other experiences. In the past few months, I’ve spent a lot more time writing and following other bloggers. It’s interesting to see what people write about and I often get a good sense of the personalities behind the blogs. Through sharing and commenting, we may even feel quite connected to other bloggers because of similar experiences or thoughts. I have even formed some online friendships with a few fellow bloggers; something I have never done before. This is all new to me as I used to blog on Xanga where it was mainly friends sharing among friends. When I moved to blogger, I only blogged for myself and shared with a few friends. (On a side note, I really hate blogger and should really just move my blog over to a new WordPress…)

I found the WordPress community to be filled with diverse and amazing bloggers. If I ever had a chance to meet some of you in person, I actually think that would be pretty cool. Friendships can come from the most random places; a blogger might be your future best friend. Most of you are scattered around the world but you never know when we might be in each others cities. Does anybody else think the same as me?

I have an interesting social persona (I am told) so perhaps it is just me. I don’t know. But, if any fellow blogger is ever in the Vancouver area, I would be keen to meet them and show them around town. I would of course choose a public area in case any of you are crazy and want to kidnap me. Ahem. But yes, you can take me up on the offer. I am being sincere.

So what about you? Would you ever go meet up with other fellow bloggers?


18 thoughts on “Meeting other bloggers?

  1. I met up with a fellow online friend years ago. He is from the Netherlands and he came to NY one time for a business trip. It was fun to actually meet the person you’ve been conversing with for a while. To this day we stil talk! Although, it’s quite hard when you factor in the time difference.

    If I make it out there again, I would take you up on your offer haha.

  2. “C” I hope this will only be temporary. I really enjoy hearing from you and the comments you post on my blog are thought provoking at times. I have not been to Vancouver in a few years, but if I do I would really like the chance to meet you. I do hope to hear from you soon, your writing is good.

    Best to you

    • Thanks Tina! I’ll be back to writing soon enough! I’ll still be around commenting when I can! And yes! please do let me know if you are ever in town! =D

      p.s thanks for the kind words on my writing! you’re so sweet!

  3. I met a really nice lady on a recent tour in Australia, and she lives in Vancouver… we swapped email details and regularly say HI. I told her if she was ever needing accomodation to let me know and she said the same. It is nice to have some long distance connections and share the world with each other. That’s what is so great about blogging!!! (obviously you need to becare as well)

      • I was visiting South Australia when I met my new friend; I live in Brisbane… for now!! Hoping to head out west into some of the remote areas soon. Where did you visit. What did you think? 😀

      • It was sweet. Did the usual east coast trek upwards from sydney. wanted to get my padi there but might do it in SE asia instead now

  4. I think meeting bloggers would be fun! Bloggers connect via interests by what they read on other people’s blogs so it would be fun to see them in real life! Vancouver has lots of fun things to show people around to!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    • I have nothing to show someone that lives in vancouver, but if you buy me some mac shack, I will be thrilled to meet up HAHA

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