What would you give up for a lightsaber?

My best friend is in town and we hung out like we usually do.  A side note to understand our relationship a bit better… He’s the typical guy. I’m the atypical guy. As weird as it is, being such different people has probably helped us become very good friends.

Anyways, we decided to go stuff ourselves at “The Hog Shack” since it was my cheat meal day. It’s a newer BBQ place located in Steveston Village (Richmond) and I would compare it to “Memphis Blues” (though I’ve never been there). After devouring two plates and 4 sides, I dropped him back home and hung out for a bit. I was so full that I ended up lying down on the floor in his room. He had to leave soon to pick up his girlfriend so we were just killing time. He started cleaning his room and began asking me hypothetical questions (He loves his hypothetical questions).

Now, one of my girl friends always asks me what guys talk about. The following is an example of the type of conversation that seemingly occurs with guys. That being said, a disclaimer should be that this may or may not be typical guy talk.

Now, I’m a big Star Wars fan, so my friend decides to run with it.

“What if I gave you a real lightsaber?” He asks.

Credit: Star Wars (c) and Lucasfilm Ltd.
Yeah that’s right. You COULD make one with this carefully labelled diagram

“Hmmm?” My interest is peaked.

“If I could get you a real lightsaber, would you… give up… a testicle?” (Yes this is a real conversation and possibly TMI)

In my head, I’m thinking… “Well one isn’t so bad. I can still function right? So HELL YES”

“Yes definitely” I replied almost instantly. There was really no hesitation. I mean a real lightsaber. C’MON. First of all, I would be SO FRICKEN CAREFUL so I don’t cut my own limbs off. But it would be so badass if I had a real one. Even if I’m not keeping it, think of the monetary value on that sucker. Easily millions.

“Wow you replied so quickly. I thought you would at least think about it. If you had said no, I would have made it interesting and thrown in The Force as well.”

Woah woah. The Force. I was willing to give up a lot if I could have “The Force”. Let’s be honest. I could make anyone my bitch (including him). I would never have to walk over and pick up things again. Just use The Force! BAM!

He asked if I would do both testicles. That one I had to google to check the repercussions for that move. I was willing to give up a lot more than he expected. Maybe I’m just crazy. I know this was hypothetical, but what would you give up for a lightsaber or The Force? A lot right!?!?


8 thoughts on “What would you give up for a lightsaber?

  1. LMAO! I WOULD DO THE SAME! Yennow, if i had testicles. LOLOLOL! 😥 at the fact i’ll probably never get a lightsaber.. But that may be a good thing. Cause i’m pretty sure i’ll accidentally cut my own limbs off… Seriously.

    • soooo what would it be K? hmm what if you had to be bald? that seems like a thing a girl would hate. ah yes.. owning oneself with the saber.. how alike we are

      • HMMM…well being bald would only last so long… I mean hair will eventually grow back out? :3 It will suck…for a while. BUT A LIGHTSABER??? Yeah will do it.

      • NOOOOO. Still would probably do it. I mean… i’ll just get rid of whoever laughs with my pretty new lightsaber 🙂 Problem solved.

      • not very jedi like that’s for sure. i guess you’ll be getting a red one hahaha. see you on FRI for a duel ^_^

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