“You have a weird sense of humour”

Says my co-worker…

But I’m glad some people get my humour and are willing to play along!

UZ = me

Part 1












Part 2



11 thoughts on ““You have a weird sense of humour”

    • lol. yep! it’s not here though. i drank it like it was water in south africa. they also have it in asia (Hk has it i believe). i was gonna say check out their fb page that i have “liked” on fb but i dont think they have their list there. =p good job on re-taking the lead as top commenter HAH

      • SWEET πŸ˜€ Summer’s coming soon…means i’ll be able to actually READ people i’m subscribed to πŸ˜€ Missed checking in on their lives ;D You’re top commenter on my list two…twice. I do not know what that means or how that happened. It just lists your name twice with different view counts? Confuzzled.

      • I’m on there twice because I’m twice as awesome as other people? Actually it’s because i’m commenting from two different IP’s depending on which computer I’m on =p

  1. Don’t worry, I have a “weird” sense of humor too… only my closest friends get to see me at max weirdness though. But your convo there seemed perfectly sensical to me.

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