It’s tough to dance with tall girls

Sequel to Concerts: You get all types

I wasn’t going to make it back in time for my other plans/hockey. So I stayed with my friend who was going to join his co-workers clubbing. It was somebody’s birthday and they were going to a gay club. It also happened to be the official gay night of the week (or something like that). Either way, I had never been to a gay club/night before so I can check it off on “things I’ve done in my life” list. I was introduced to the co-workers and a few friends. All pretty standard. I had asked him how many girls were going beforehand and he said a few and they were mostly “taken”. I became less interested and almost didn’t go because of that. What he forgot to mention was how hot the single girl was. Ahem. Leave it to the gay friend to omit important details.

Credit: Grabby02
That was me… well sorta.

All the girls in the group were very tall (e.g. as tall or taller than me – I’m just about 5′ 10″) This was going to be a challenge. While some were legitimately shorter than me, 4 inch heels tends to level the field quickly. The mix of techno-ness didn’t help either (if that was techno.. come to think of it.. I’m not sure what it was). But dance we did. And yes it was difficult. I am used to girls being shorter than me. I never imagined how difficult it would be. It’s like they can bend their knees and you can’t. Because if you do, you’re now looking up at them! And I do admit , if there is one type of girl that intimidates me, it’s a tall girl. Oh gosh, how I feel for short guys. I am lucky that I’m at least above average height for an Asian.

The hot girl bumped into a friend later. Being quite drunk, she was quite happy to see him. After lots of hugs and touching, they parted as he had to go back to work (taking photos).  The friend later joined up with her at another club. It was obvious she was the friend (that he wants to sleep with) but not sure where that story went. They left together later so maybe they hooked up after.

Standing behind people. Always normal

Then there was the creeper that tries to dance behind the girl. They have this look to them as they try to dance in with the girl. Besides their creeper look (this guy was in a black *hoodie*? Who wears a hoodie?!),  they try to dance in behind the girl without saying anything or even making eye contact. Now, I’m no genius, but if I approached you from behind without saying anything and stood close to you… how would you feel? There are no situations where this would ever be natural or a good idea. Even on a dance floor where people are intended to be social and dancing in close quarters, this is still… well creeperish. I bet the guy got annoyed too because he’s thinking “Oh what a bitch, she’s so uptight..won’t even dance with me… and those guys cockblocking me.. those assholes”.

Well maybe he’ll read this blog and realize how bad it looks.  Then again, probably not.

Overall, it was a fairly entertaining night. Lots of interesting people watching all throughout the night and some solid times.

So in conclusion: Don’t be a creeper; Dancing with tall girls is difficult; Tall girls kinda intimidate me.

This just wouldn’t work for me


8 thoughts on “It’s tough to dance with tall girls

  1. It’s just as tough for the tall girls as it is for the men. I have several cousins who are nearly 6 feet. They find it really annoying that most men are eye-level with their boobs.

  2. I am with Michelle on that one… that’s where I thought the story was going??? Then you would have had a big tick in the box of life!!! LOL

    I feel terrible admitting it, but I find it uncomfortable dating short guys. It feels like you are leaning down to speak to them like a child…. I am 5ft 7″ and then add heels 😦

    • Haha. If only.. It’s all based on real life so I can’t make it up! If it did, let’s say I would be using the third person pretending it was someone else HAH

  3. Sound like you had a fun night 😛

    I never have the problem of being too tall (unfortunately!) I wish I could take some inches off taller girls. The only positive is that I can wear high heels as much as a I want. haha

    • Oh high heels.. the things a guy will never understand.. considering how you can’t take more than a couple hours in them without ending up in pain. All that just to look good. But overall you’re dressing for girls cause guys don’t notice these things =P

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