The Reciprocal Follow

This is a rare “non-story” like post

It’s not hard to spend a lot of time reading blogs on WordPress. You type in some tags/keywords and off you go. I only browse my tags every week or two but you can spend hours scrolling down the “Read Blogs” tab. It’s sorta like how you can spend hours on Facebook (w/ less focus on narcissism) but everyone has something different to write about and most people write with a heart (in their own way). What do I mean by that? Many bloggers do not put their names/identities on their blogs. With this sense of anonymity, they can be “naked”. They write with little censorship and can express themselves however they choose. But I digress.

Usually if I find something interesting, I’ll leave a “like” or a comment. After that, I will often go to their home page and scan to see if I like their general types of posts. If I do, I hit the good ol’ย  “Follow ” button. Usually visiting other people’s blogs will automatically give you an extra visit since they will come visit you to check you out. Sometimes they will even give you a “follow”! Always exciting! There have been a few times I wonder if people are just following me just because I followed them. After all, we often feel obligated to reciprocate when people show a “likeness” towards us. I wonder how many actually followed me for that reason? At first, I felt that same obligation but I only ended up adding blogs I found interesting. Some people follow me and I never hear from them again. Must be the strong silent reader… Though it’s obvious that less than 20% of my readers actually tend to write comments.

While it’s totally irrelevant, it’s a question that I thought I would throw out there. Do you tend to only follow blogs you find interesting? Or do you sometimes give people a reciprocated follow? Be honest!

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11 thoughts on “The Reciprocal Follow

  1. Good question, as there are grey areas here. But I believe 99% of the time I felt a connection with what the blogger was trying to express when I decided to follow them. I also follow blogs with a similar theme to mine; as I am self centered enough to believe they might be interested in my blog!!! Lol

  2. I only follow blogs that interest me, or make me laugh or both. I appreciate and love my faithful (few) followers who follow me because they want to, not because they expect anything in return. only a few have blogs themselves so i know on the whole i have genuine ‘readers’ rather than people who are only attracting traffic to their own blog. i’m an open book really; i use my name, talk about my life in real instances, have a photo of myself which i think people appreciate more than anonymity because they can ‘relate’ more to someone they perceive is ‘real’. sorry for the long spiel C, i like the questions you pose sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. If I follow you, will you follow me? Comment on mine and I will comment on yours? Like me and I like you… we all know this will be the case in the blogging world. But for 99% of the time I only add or read what I am interested in! If I think it is a waste of my time…. pfffft DELETE
    Harsh I know… ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. People who follow my blog often have overlapping interests with mine…so I usually end up following them because I find them interesting back. haha

    ps…sorry about your canucks last night ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • yarrr better get their shit together and stop taking penalties. brutal game for the 4th line. -_- i was ticked after so i did some p90x haha

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