Things my dad likes

When my sister and I went traveling with our parents a few years ago, we got to acquaint ourselves with some of my dad’s “likes”. We had a lot of time on our hands and I decided to make a list. A few days ago, I found that list.

Things that Dad Likes

– Checking the weather (especially what temperature it is/will be)

– Thermometers (to measure the temperature of course)

– Flashlights

– Hugh wattages for flashlights (e.g. 1 million candlepower flashlights)

– Mirrors

– Collecting combs and all soaps/shampoos (he had so many that he put them into a water bottle, instead of using the bottle for drinking)

– Looking for Chinese People (e.g. counting how many chinese people there are relative to white people)

– Counting things (e.g. counting how many flights of steps to go up the Pisa tower)

– Timing things (e.g. time required to reach a destination)

– Free papers

– Multi-function items (e.g. a ruler that tells the time, and the direction of North)

– Magnifying glasses

– Killing mosquitoes

– Washing “everything”

More thoughtful posts coming… (possibly)


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