Conversations I have

Felt like blogging about something brainless. Enjoy.

Me: What do guys wear to hip hop?

Girl: Hmm, guys usually wear sweats and a Tee. You’re not in a hip hop video.. you don’t have to have to be glamorous.

Me: Oh… (disappointed)


Me: It’s a wolverine

Girl: Whats a wolverine?

Girl 2: You don’t know what’s a wolverine? It’s an X-men character

Me: It’s also an animal….

Girl 2: It’s an animal?!?


Performer (to audience): What’s the best part of getting your heart-broken?

Me: ??? Make up sex???

Performer: Revenge!!!

Me: Close enough.


Me: I guess I’ll call tomorrow or something

Girl: And give cc over the phone?

Me: Ya

Girl: Better have good fraud protection

Me: I do. They’re called snipers.

Girl: WTF. lol. HEAD SHOT


Girl: Just realized how evil a chicken omelette is

Me: ???

Girl: They kill the chicken and chop it up and cook it inside their own babies

Me: o-O


Girl: Why do Asian boyfriends always hold their girlfriend’s purses?!

Girl: Is it a Korean thing?! (looks at me).

Me: You know I’m Chinese right.

Girl: Do you hold your girlfriend’s purse? Why?!? Is it because they aren’t strong enough?!

Me: You need to calm down.


Pitch and putt worker: Have you been here before?

Me: *looking around the course* I don’t know….


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