The days you don’t feel like it

It was a cheat meal day and I had a rather heavy lunch. Two hours later, I was still feeling quite full. The heavy meal was killing my energy level (this is why unhealthy foods should be eaten in moderation…). I wanted to work out but I felt like I had no energy. I tried to take a 30 minute nap (ended up closer to an hour) to get some energy. I woke up feeling no better than before.

Credit: Bel Mooney

I looked outside. It had briefly stopped raining, but I knew it was cold outside. That’s three excuses I had already: it was raining; it was cold; I was tired. I did not want to work out. I would have hockey later in the day so it’s not like I wasn’t going to get some exercise in my day.

I had a brief flashback moment as I usually do when this feeling comes up. A coach once told me, “It is when you don’t feel like doing it… that is when you have to do it the most. That is what separates winners from losers.” That is when you have to muster up the energy to be disciplined. Because this is when people can let any excuse give them a way out or a reason to procrastinate.

He went on to say “All you have to do is ask yourself this simple question, do you want to reach your goal, or do you want to take the easy way out?If your goal or desire is strong enough, the answer will lead you down the right path. If not, you never cared enough in the first place.

In this case, my question was, “do you want to be in the best shape of your life, or do you want to go relax and take it easy?“. I love and hate answering these questions. I choose the first one.

I put on my runners and went to the playground to do pullups. It was a lot colder than I thought it was going to be. The rain had paused but it was coming at any moment again. I reached the playground and everything was soaked. The bars were all wet and I did not have gloves. I wiped the water off the bars with my hands. I quickly wiped my hands as the water was bloody freezing.

I jumped up and down to stay warm. I placed my hands on the bars again and took them off immediately. Yeah, they weren’t getting warmer. I was severely questioning my decision to come out. I half thought about going back to get “gloves”. In other words, I thought about turning back and just changing my workout. The little voice in my head reminded me again why I came out in the first place.

I grabbed the bars and started. The first 3 sets were the worst.

There are days when you won’t feel like doing it. But anybody can do it when they want to, will you do it when you don’t want to?



10 thoughts on “The days you don’t feel like it

  1. I really like that quote:
    “It is when you don’t feel like doing it… that is when you have to do it the most. That is what separates winners from losers.”

    Makes me sad that I usually give in to my laziness….but hopefully i’ll keep this quote close to heart and remember the next time I feel compelled to do so 🙂

    • Spanks. I had to transplant them the other day. I almost killed 3 of them lol. but I think they are recovering from the shock of the transplant. My herbs are sprouting too. 😀 i should send you a picture!!

      • Nothing can take down Blam! I got some basil and parsley going. Someone requested I grow some cilantro but I have no more room on my windowsill lol. You’ll see what I mean..

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