Concerts: You get all types

We went to the Hedley concert in town last night. I’m not a huge fan but I picked up the tickets through Groupon and entertainment for less than $7/hr was hard to pass up. Overall I enjoyed the concert. They play well live and I was very impressed by how much the leader singer (Jacob) could flail without losing balance (e.g. fall off stage). He reminds me a lot of the lead singer in Marianas Trench (Josh) with the way he prances and acts.

The place was pretty full and we had a number of interesting attendees/groups around us. We had the family to our right (another Groupon buyer). I talked to the mother she said “it’s all for the daughter, that’s why we’re here”. That would’ve been a bit more believable if she wasn’t rocking out to the concert much more than her little daughter (I’m bad at guessing ages but somewhere between 8-10?). But then again, maybe she’s too young to fully appreciate it.

We had the two white girls to our left (late teens, early 20’s). They came in the middle of one of the opening acts and spent much of their time taking narcissistic self shots on their iPhone. They took about 15 shots spread-out throughout the various opening act intermissions. Then they left before Hedley started. They never came back. What the…?

We had a couple in front of us. The girlfriend was clearly the fan as she was quite into it. The boyfriend was bored and there wasย  no hiding that. I am sure he was a good sport about it though. He was also obsessed with taking pictures of his girlfriend. Almost in a weird creepy way.

Yep, I got some good entertainment from the concert. Both on stage and off stage.


11 thoughts on “Concerts: You get all types

  1. Sounds like the attendees were more interesting than the concert itself, haha! I’m not a huuuuge fan of Hedley so I passed it up when they announced they’re stopping by but, I sort of still wanted to see them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Thanks for the run-through, sounds like an interesting evening! I enjoyed your story telling skills ๐Ÿ™‚
    Groupon … and all its derivatives – that social buying market hit SA the beginning of last year. It can keep you busy! I am not sure if I like it, but there are some pretty sweet deals sometimes.

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