Grow Yourself

Just two weeks ago, we started growing sunflowers from seed at the office. I haven’t grown anything from seed since I was in elementary school. I think I grew my Douglas Fir in the backyard from seed and those peas they make you grow in grade 2. There was something extremely satisfying about seeing my seed germinate first out of the bunch (much faster than the typical 10-14 days). I remember reading in a book that gardening changes you. It creates a connection to the earth in a way that you can only *experience*. Turns out that it’s quite true!

The only plant I have had (in recent times) is a cactus which I didn’t grow from seed. It doesn’t grow much nor does it flower. Watering it every few weeks isn’t too exciting but I like having the little guy around my work room. I am glad it didn’t die like the last one I killed (a story for another time perhaps).

My “Copper King” cactus. That’s the type, not his name. Actually.. he’s nameless.

I get pretty excited when it comes time to check on my sunflower nowadays. They are only sprouts but they will become so much more! They are going to be 10 ft sunflowers! Yes, I am more excited than I ever thought I would be for a sunflower and yes, I feel like a dork. It feels like a moment from “The Lorax” when the Once-ler tells Ted “It’s not about what it is. It’s about what it can become.” Since my recent addiction to P90X, I tell my co-workers that my sunflowers are growing faster because of their P90X routine. I should call one of them Tony Horton.

I planted 4 and 3 have sprouted! GO GO SUNFLOWER!

So I went from “cactus killer” to “cactus capable”, to “a bit obsessed with growing random plants”. Right now, I’m also taking a shot at growing some herbs (I wanted something I could use and eat). They are growing in my work room. I only started a few days ago but I’m pretty excited to see what I can get going! I feel like such a kid again!

Turns out I’m not just growing plants!


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