What’s your….

I’m not that smart | I feel lazy | I’m too tired | I’m too slow | I don’t feel like it right now | It’s raining | It’s too hot | It’s too cold | It’s too difficult | I don’t have the energy | I’m too busy | I ‘m too scared | It’s too hard | I don’t want to be rejected | I don’t have time | I’m too weak | I don’t know enough | I can’t right now | I’m too big | I didn’t get enough sleep | I don’t feel inspired | I got distracted | I procrastinated | I’m too small | I don’t have the money | I don’t know how | I’m not good enough | I don’t have the resources |  ………..


Credit: socialvelocity.net

10 thoughts on “What’s your….

  1. I usually describe all of these excuses and/or feelings as feeling “Blah”. Sometime just have a “Blah” day. It’s really crazy how you can feel so many different emotions at once (or in just one day!)

  2. Wow, this is a tough one, how hard it must be to face a day when nothing is an “up” for you. I have had difficult days in my life, but I have always tried to seek for at least one thing that is good and positive.

    May we all be compassionate for those who do struggle with these thoughts each day.

    • Well the point of the post was to bring attention to the excuses we give ourselves for not doing things. We all feel like we need to make excuses sometimes, but the real champions don’t let the excuses stop them!

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