Country Stats and Search Terms

I’m sure all you WP stat whores have noticed the new feature,  “hits by country”.  I’ve been wondering when WP would beef up their stat tracking to match the likes of something like blogger. Google Analytics is a bit overkill but I wouldn’t mind something in-between that and WP stats. I get a lot of random hits for search terms and now I know where they come from… also very random places. Everything from Serbia, Iraq, to Mongolia. How  are these people finding me?!

I’ve also gotten some pretty funny search terms before. When I wrote “What was I thinking?”, someone found it via the search terms  “unleashing the dragon within you+stories”. I’m pretty sure he was disappointed in his find.

Fellow bloggers, what are some random search terms and places that have found you lately?!


9 thoughts on “Country Stats and Search Terms

  1. Errrrrrr… good point; I don’t think I have that much “traffic” to worry about stats!!! LOL 😀

  2. I’ve had ‘tree of life’ – I have no posts about trees or their life span or any type of gardening whatsoever; ‘how do nerds dress’ – that one is recurring so now I’m getting offended – perhaps they’ve clicked my gravatar thinking I’d know specifically how nerds dress based on how I look?; ‘exposed bitch’ – I do have a post on ‘Seven Bare Bitch’ Facts, so I’m ok with that haha.
    I like to know where people are from who are reading. I like to think that all my social networking connections are helping in directing them to my site 🙂 delusional? who cares?! It’s awesome!!!

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