The Routine

The playoffs began for my hockey team yesterday and our team played a fairly good game only to lose it in a sudden death shootout.  This means we will face an elimination game on Sunday night. While I was getting through my day, I was largely distracted by the game-day buzz I get from a big upcoming game. By the time it’s an hour within game-time, I’m usually pretty pumped.

My pre-game routine for dressing is always the same, although not as “religious” as competitive players. Always the socks on first.. always taping the shin pads the same way etc. If I ever do anything differently or something changes, it tends to throws me off. Even something as minor as wearing different socks (hockey socks vs regular socks) will mess me up. I don’t think this is simply a hockey thing, or even a sports thing.  My pre-game routine mentally prepares me to play so I try to keep it the same each time. But bad routines are ones that force you into comfort. And being comfortable in today’s world means you are not living life. If you are not changing and challenging yourself frequently, you are “dying”.

We are all victims of routine, whether it is a good routine or a bad one.

What routines are “religious” to you? What routines are you letting control your life?

The typical pre-game wall of sticks

Credit: Davis Chu


4 thoughts on “The Routine

  1. My boyfriend is a goalie for hockey and boy does he have his routines! He has been wearing the same t-shirt under his equipment for like 13 years. Years ago his mom tried to throw it out because it’s so torn up…but he got it out of the trash. haha. He’s not really superstitious in other parts of his life…just hockey!

  2. “C” good post, I too fall victim to routines, but I do try not to let them control my life (which is hard), I feel that I can accomplish more by having things in order and getting off some of my routines will do this for me. One routine that I established for myself when my first child was born, is when I wake up I think through all of the things that I am thankful for that day (great start) and then when I shower I do a visual check list of what I need to do and what time frames I will be working in. I have found this really helps my focus and have been more successful in accomplishing what I want to get done.

    Have a great Sunday!

    • I dig the visual checklist. However I’m quite lost without my calendar/tasklist cause it just gets to be too much to remember…

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