I’m an addict…

…But at least it’s not drugs

About 3 weeks ago, I started doing some of the P90X routines because I was looking for some ideas to add to my routine. I was mainly looking for good core exercises so the first DVD I did was “Core Synergistics”. I did get through the whole routine but really struggled on some of the moves. Overall, it kicked my ass and I was very sore for almost 4 days after that. I have never exercised to videos before and this introduction to that world completely hooked me. The combination of Tony Horton’s persona and his killer workouts has made me a complete addict. And I mean an addict. I understand why this program has a cult like following. Heck, I can’t believe it is sucking me in.

While I’m not officially on the program, unless my wrist is sore (old wrist injury) or I have hockey that day, I am doing some combination of it on most days. I have gone through all the interesting ones and have customized a bunch of the exercises to my program. My three favourite ones are “Core Synergistics”, “Chest and Back” and “Chest Shoulder Triceps”. When I first did “Chest Shoulder Triceps”, I could barely do a reasonable rep count by the 3/4 mark. The funniest part is that one of the last exercises is the clapping pushup. Really Tony?! Last week, I got my friend to join me for “Plyometrics” and he was on the floor by the 20 minute mark (12 mins after warm up). I thought it was funny. He didn’t.

My overall goal is to improve my core strength and flexibility. I feel a bit stronger already as I was able to execute “Core Synergistics” much easier the second time around (e.g. without falling over all the time). Besides helping me with some killer workouts, doing P90X has really helped me escape and de-stress while I have been feeling blue.

Credit: beachbody.com (P90X) 

Thanks Tony!


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