Dog cheers me up

By far my most original title…

Nobody had returned to the office yet so I went to go visit a neighbour who has an adorable black Cockapoo. At least, I think I heard her say it was a Cockapoo. I went on my knee and started petting her. She seemed to really enjoy it so I sat down and gave her some more attention. I hate baby talking dogs (and when others do it), so I don’t usually talk to dogs. If I do, I tend to talk to them like a person. Perhaps that is even more odd.

The owner started talking to me about a few things before we got on the topic of dogs. I told her about how I previously wanted to be a vet and how I used to volunteer with dogs.

“It seems like she really likes you.” She said.

“She likes most people I thought.” I replied.

She thought for a moment. “Well, yeah she does like people, but she rarely likes to cuddle up to people like she is doing now. In fact there has been some people who came by and she hated them. And they didn’t seem like very good people.”

“Yeah, dogs can pick out the “bad” people”. I said and gave her a half-smile.

“You must be a good guy then.” She said.

I gave another half-smile and a meek response of “Yeah, maybe.”

We talked about some other things before I had to do some work. I walked away feeling a little better because of the dog and the owner’s comment. With things being at a real low right now, she didn’t know how much I needed that. Thanks pup.

The little dude looked something like this… minus the scarf piece



3 thoughts on “Dog cheers me up

  1. Aw 🙂 Animals always make me feel better. Especially dogs cause they’re my favourite, but sadly I’m allergic to most of them– except poodles! Their fur is held together more tightly, so my allergies don’t act up.
    Also sadly, animals don’t like me much 😦 I usually have to run after them shouting “LET ME LOVE YOU!” Story of my life.

    I hope you’re feeling better and things make a turn for the brighter! =S

    • haha, i’m also allergic to dogs (and cats – but not as much). Shots ftw when i was a kid! And yesss poodles hair is different so it’s all goooood. maybe they don’t like you cause you’re running after them shouting!!

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