Hot Valentine’s Day

I wasn’t going to write for a few days but a combination of non stop flooding of my inbox about Valentine’s Day (my blog subscriptions) and the constant bashing of the “holiday” made me want to add a post to the mix. About 7 posts about Valentine’s came from my subscribed blogs today and out of the 7, only ONE was a positive love message about the occasion. I’m pretty surprised by all the hate this day brings! But anyways… MY evening was hot.
Really hot. We couldn’t even wait till dinner. When we got going, I started to sweat like crazy. It lasted about an hour (I didn’t even know I could last that long). After we were done, I was exhausted. I was going to pass out on the floor where we spent most of our time doing it.


Yep. I hope you guessed right. I was doing P90X.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉


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