Is it fate?

Do you believe in fate? Or are things a coincidence based on subtle decisions which often have no merit?

Story #1

There was a big company party with a silent auction for a number of charities. At the end, all the payments for the silent auction went into a cash box. When the party was wrapped up, most of the party items went into the cars of the organizers. After a long night, the CFO was about to put the cash box in the car of the CEO. But he decided to ask one of the managers if he wanted to take cash box. The manager was indifferent and told him to put it in the CEO’s car. He questioned the manager’s decision and asked again, “Are you sure?” The manager had a change of heart and took the cash box. After a long night, nobody emptied their car when they arrived home. The manager took the cash box in his house and the CEO seemingly forgot to lock her car. That night, someone broke into her car and stole her phone (the only “valuable”). The same night, the manager had a dream that someone broke into his car and stole the cash box. A potential disaster was averted by subtle decisions that may seem coincidental. Was it? Do we sometimes “see into the future” based on a feeling or instinct that causes us to make certain decisions?

Story #2

We recently had a theft at the office where a laptop was stolen from one of the units. It was a hectic work day where we were working on a new display for an upcoming show. I went looking for my boss and she was not in the upstairs office. I knew she was in and out a lot and likely to be nearby. I saw her wallet on the desk and the door had been left unlocked. Just in case someone walks in and looks for something quick to grab, I put the wallet in the filing cabinet. I stopped and looked at the key and was thought of locking it, but decided it wasn’t necessary. After we left, my boss kept working into the evening. Sometime between 4:30pm and 8:00pm, someone had walked in and found the wallet. If I had locked the cabinet, nothing would have happened. Why did I hesitate and think of locking the key, and still NOT do it… especially when I always lock the things? Just a bad decision? Or was it meant to happen to teach me/us a lesson?

Are we in control? Or are some things just meant to be? Have you ever had a “see into the future” moment?



2 thoughts on “Is it fate?

  1. I was going to ask where you got these stories from, but when I go to the second one I realized these were real stories you personally encountered. I’ve always believed there IS something there controlling things…it seems like too much of a coincidence sometimes =S Not sure if I feel good about that or not… hmm..

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