You did what?!

A few friends asked where I had gone on Facebook. I had deactivated my account a few times for brief periods of time before; mainly to be more productive (or something like that). My friend asked me if I had deleted her off Facebook. I laughed and said maybe. Being the reactionary type, this was going to drive her crazy. I told her I either blocked her or deleted Facebook but she can figure it out. She thought I wasn’t mean enough to block her for no reason so I must have deleted Facebook. She exclaimed dramatically and asked “why would you possibly do that?”. Nobody leaves Facebook once they have it. Well pretty much nobody. It’s like quitting a drug, one might say. The heavily integrated social networking monster spans nearly every aspect of the internet and even the real world. So much information flows through it, it’s quite mind-boggling. I can find out about news on a social network faster than I would see it on the news. Really once you have it, they have you.

Timeline was introduced back in December as an option for users and it will soon be mandatory for everyone. Like many of the changes before this, I didn’t like it. It was the biggest overhaul to the site in some time and just the beginning of their plans. I didn’t want to see my online profile in chronological fashion (creepy…) nor did I want to spend days fixing it up. I didn’t delete it but I don’t plan on returning to my account either. It’s a weird feeling after all the stuff that has gone through your account; you just can’t bring yourself to delete it for that reason. If I ever need to reference something, I kinda want to know I can…

That being said, if I come back, I’m starting afresh.



5 thoughts on “You did what?!

  1. I honestly hate timeline. As if the internet didn’t give away loads of personal stuff already, they’re now allowing everyone to dig up your past? Well, with ease anyway.
    There are definitely times when I want to delete my Facebook account too, but have been to chicken to actually do it =S So good job!

  2. Check out some of the articles on how they plan to integrate timeline with all your other internet actions. It’s become a bit too much about tracking everything. I liked the balance 2-3 years ago.

  3. Timeline, has become just another excuse for Facebook to have everyone expose all there is about themselves. It’s funny really, how they got flak for privacy issues and now they pull this stunt?

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