What was I thinking?!

I had to clean up some clothes and make room for some new stuff today. As I was cleaning, I found a shirt that I bought last year. I really hadn’t worn it. And probably for good reason.

It is a XS t-shirt with a skull on it and it says “Post Mortem“. I look at the shirt and all I can say is, “What was I thinking?!?” First, the size… I am usually a small or medium so I am not sure why I got XS. Though if I tried it on, it probably fit okay. But everyone that knows me knows I’m all about the skulls… and the post-mortem….

Anyways, this prompted me to dig up some other awful clothes I have bought in the past. Two others that came to mind are below…

Yup, it’s an orange shirt. I thought it was time to get an orange shirt because I didn’t have one (back in 2005). That seriously was my logic. The front has a picture of bongo the monkey (I will upload if anyone wants to see that too..)? And yes the back says “WHAT HE NEEDS IS NOT MANY BANANAS, BUT ONLY LOVE”. Still the 2nd best orange shirt I’ve ever owned. I actually own one which I wear now (at home anyways).

This was another piece from the same trip. Different store.. I actually bought both of these in Hong Kong. I guess HK inspired me to do weird things. I felt the need to own a shirt with dragons and blue fire. I actually wore this shirt once if you can believe that. I still keep it in my closet, just in case I feel the need to unleash the dragon within myself.

What’s the worst thing you have bought that screamed “What was I thinking?!?”


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