Not Just Friends

We will call the guy Bill and the girl, Lisa in place of their real names.

Bill and Lisa were friends for quite some time. While not always the closest of friends, they always enjoyed spending time with each other over the years. They had separate boyfriends and girlfriends for the duration of their friendship. It was on and off and sometimes at different times. Then one day, Bill and Lisa started seeing each other. With their established friendship, it wasn’t hard to move into a relationship with each other.

Does this sound familiar to anybody you know?

While seemingly random sometimes, most of these stories have all the groundwork already laid out for them. The guy usually liked the girl from the onset, but for whatever reasons, he did not pursue it initially. He keeps her in his radar but never forgets about her… I know this isn’t usually the case with girls.

I don’t know what the timing is to make things work sometimes. But things can just happen.

My friend asked me this very question about someone, “why aren’t you going out with her?” I used to have other answers but now the honest answer is “I don’t know”. Perhaps I know how she feels about dating friends, but I wonder if I will look back and wonder what could have been.


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