The Romantic Comedy

If I would classify most people’s lives, it would probably be a romantic comedy. I mean.. we have all the right elements: the highs, the lows, the humour, the love story, the drama!

Fate would have it so that most of would meet the love of our life. Probably randomly. But not until the very end of course. Afterall the guy gets the girl at the very end. Then they would get married and get their happily ever after.

But life isn’t a movie. Everything has a consequence. And how about in this story, there was a chance. A chance to get what you want. What if you could gain happiness at the expense of someone elses? Would you do it? How much is your happiness worth? Aren’t we supposed to go after what makes us happy?

You could say, don’t worry, fate will take care of things. But I don’t believe in fate. You are more or less in control of your own destiny.

The opportunity was there. But in this story, he didn’t take it. He didn’t ask what he could have asked. He didn’t say what he could have said. But sometimes you must choose what to do, or what not to do, and hope it is the right thing. Even if it means you won’t get what you want. It might mean you lose something, maybe even someone who you love.

If life were a romantic comedy, there certainly isn’t a guaranteed happy ending. You aren’t even guaranteed a “real” ending. But hey, that’s what makes it interesting.

Credit: Love Actually (c)


4 thoughts on “The Romantic Comedy

  1. I LOVE that part! I don’t question his decision. He’s right when he walks away and says it’s enough. It takes a good man to put his best friend’s feelings above his own – otherwise he’s just the jerk who slept with his buddy’s wife.

  2. interestingly enough im not actually talking about the movie even though both seem to work when you read it. i’m talking about a real life situation where someone had to make a choice as well! 😀

  3. Lucky you clarified that it was a real story… I was going to offer an opinion but it may be too harsh considering someone’s been hurt? I will offer this; when I read the story I immediately thought about guys I know that seem to be able to breeze through life and always seem to get what they want (and keep it) They appear to be fearless and are so happy go lucky. Life just gives them what they want??

  4. everything on this blog is from real life experiences either in my life or ppl around me.

    and yes! life gives you what you want if you are willing to chase it! sometimes you must chase it relentlessly cause the good things are worth it.. and nothing is for free.

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