The Unexpected

Sometimes the unexpected occurs and you begin to create negative outcomes in your head. But in fact, the exact opposite happens. There has been a lot of that happening in the past year.

I have a fight with a friend for the first time in many years. It could have left us not wanting to talk to each other again. Instead, we learned more about each other than we thought we knew.

A friend moves away. We talk less now than ever before. Instead, we realized, we don’t have to say much around each other regardless of how long it has been.

A friend moves away. We don’t actually see each other often anyways. Instead, it made me realize how important our friendship is… I value our time together even more now.

A family member moves out of the house. I never considered us to be close. Instead, the absence of her around the house brought us closer together. We actually try to spend time together now.

Sometimes unexpected changes and events is life reminding you of pay attention to those special relationships.


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