I find some of the basic things in life to be a lot of fun. One of those things is going grocery shopping. Yes, I said grocery shopping.

Besides the essential items I know I need, I don’t usually have a list of what to buy. So, I like to roam the aisles deciding what I want to eat for the week. Sales and specials largely help determine the menu for the week. I split my time between stores like Save on Foods and Asian supermarkets like T&T. I do have certain rules to help me make better choices. For produce, local and organic where possible is the goal. Depending on the selection and price point, I usually have to meet somewhere in the middle ground. Some produce it is easy to find BC grown (or at least Canadian grown) while others not so much. If it’s outside Canada, USA is usually as far as I’d like to go. I will avoid imports for items that can be grown here. For example, carrots from China are a major no no.

With grocery items, I have to scan the ingredients list to see what’s in it. Again, I usually have to meet somewhere in the middle ground. Sales always help but overall, paying the little bit extra for some quality food is almost always worth it in my opinion. I think too often, people just grab the cheapest thing on the shelf and don’t stop to look at what they’re buying. People wonder why they’re getting sick but it’s not too hard to see when you look at the stuff they eat on a regular basis.

This week I bought a rather random assortment of vegetables and meats. I’m not sure what I’ll make but that will be part of the fun once I get into the kitchen! I realize this wasn’t really a story, but I’m diversifying this into a new category of posts!

Question of the week: Do you like grocery shopping? Why?

Fun with 20lbs of potatoes (for one person I might add)!


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