The Bigger Picture

A brief chat would become one of the most memorable conversations that helped me set one of my current goals in life…

I was telling him about how I thought a certain organization was a great cause. We were able to help communities and I felt great doing it. He was not the type to not share his opinion. He told me charities and organizations are not always what they seem. I naively asked, “What he meant.” He went on to point out the holes in this organization, the one I thought was so great. He told me to look at the “bigger picture” and think more critically. The goal of a charity or many of these non-profit organizations, as he pointed, should be to provide aid where needed, and to foster a situation where less help is required as time goes on. I agreed with that.

But many of these organizations seem to miss the mark. The result can be dependence. “I’m not saying these organizations or charities are bad.” He said. “But they are not helping in the long run”. It was partially a statement and partially a question.

He looked at me. “This shouldn’t just be about a feel good exercise”.

It wasn’t a shot at me but he knew that in many ways, I was measuring the “worthiness” of the cause by how good it felt.

Think long-term. Don’t miss the big picture.


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