Unexpected Story

I had brought her (we will call her A) there so that she could experience the place that I loved so much. Or at least I thought I did. The first person I bumped into was one of my closest friends while I was there. I was so surprised to see him there. We greeted each other with a hug and a handshake. It has been so very long since we had seen one another. We didn’t chat long as we knew we would get more time later.

We went back to the house to settle down. A bunch of time passed and before I knew it, it was the next day. I was dazed as I entered the kitchen and asked where A was. They responded that she had gone out. I asked, “By herself?!” They responded with a cool “Yeah.” I was shocked. I couldn’t believe they had let her go out alone. This was a dangerous place and going out by yourself, (especially when you didn’t know the area) was asking for trouble.

I went out immediately to go look for her. I didn’t know where to go but I would start in the “central” regions. I got to my destination instantly. As I started searching, I found out that a protest was going to happen in a nearby area. I was starting to panic. This was only going to make things more dangerous. I don’t know why I thought so, but I did. It was near the protest that I finally found her. I was pretty mad but also relieved that I found her. Safe.

I started to scold her for leaving by herself and making me worry. But soon became secondary. Gun fire started to go off very near by. We had to get out of there. We really were in danger now. People were running everywhere. It was not the time to go see what had caused the first shots. The shots were coming fast and furious now. People were screaming. I grabbed her hand and we ran. Ducking into a tent, we hid for a while before moving on.

My heart was racing the entire time, but I tried to stay calm. but we eventually made it to a house. It wasn’t our house but it appeared to be safe. I wasn’t as mad anymore. I hugged and kissed her, happy that she was safe. Then I was surprised to see who it really was.

Then I woke up.


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