Your Path

It started as a casual conversation during a dinner at a restaurant. She asked how my day was and what I was doing later.

I don’t know how we got on the topic but we started talking about work and careers. It rang a familiar bell; in fact, it has been visited many times. She prodded me gently with questions about work, relationships and life. I knew what she was getting at. It is always the same. It was a subtle way of asking,  “why can’t you be like others?” When it came to work, it was questions like, “why couldn’t you have studied something like pharmacy and become a pharmacist?”

It is an odd feeling. when you know that in some ways you have disappointed them; that you didn’t follow the path they wanted you to follow. And better yet, the traditional path followed by an older sibling. But I am not her. I do not want what she wants.

I flashed back to a few weeks ago when I was in someone’s home. It was a rather large house. As I walked through and admired the in’s and outs of the place, I realized that most people would love to have a place like this one. Couple that with a cushy job and they’re set. The thought of living that life brought a pitting feeling to my stomach. I am not like most people. I do not want what they want.

Fast forward back to the dinner table. I don’t defend myself; I just share my thoughts with them.


I don’t know what you want out of life; what is important to you; or what your dreams are…

But I do know you should walk our own path.

You have one life to live; you should really live your own.

Define your own path, or someone else will


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