Landmark Trip

I originally planned the trip with the intent to celebrate my birthday. My friend was leaving for good and he didn’t do anything for his birthday. He told me that I needed to do something epic for my birthday. And so, I tried to figure out something unique… something epic. I came up with some ideas: Cultis Lake, Whistler, boating, camping.. but none of them seemed good enough. And then I had it. Strathcona.

I had been there three times (twice in high school and once in elementary school). Each time the trips brought unique memories. It seemed like the perfect place to return to after so many years. A chance to rekindle some memories; a chance to make some new memories.

As we started the trip I reminded my friend that we will never have a chance to do this again. Not in the same fashion anyways. As I ended up doing something else for my birthday, the trip became significant in itself. It wasn’t just a quick getaway. It was a landmark trip. We were all heading in different directions from here on.

The trip lived up to all the hype and it’s hard to pinpoint what I will remember the most. We ended each night chatting over the fire and those are the moments you can”t capture on film. The simplest things are always the best.

Sitting around the campfire and talking him about the relationships that got me here…

Where will we all be in 10 years?


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