Random Lines, Random Times

“Now that was a rant! It was so good, I was going to put it up on Facebook.”

– On my rant blog post


“You’re dressed up… you must be going to see a girl”

– On attire choice


“It was like a porno. He had it going from all angles.”

– On how our goalie let in many goals, from many angles


“Well, I thought it was metaphorical”

– On trying to get the ladies package at the gun range (and being a guy)


“There is nothing metaphorical about guns”

– On explaining the obvious


“I’ve never met her and yet I’ve always imagined you guys would end up together”

– On true love


“I’m guessing you’ve burnt that bridge”

“I’ve burnt the bridge and set up snipers in case they try to rebuild it”

– On burning bridges with a past friend


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