Strangers Meet

She sits down on a bar stool with her wine observing the rest of the room. He decides to pull up the stool next to her and sits down. He asks a quick question to get her attention. She smiles and responds to his query.

He introduces himself and extends his hand. She shakes it and shares her name. He asks some usual introduction questions and they carry those questions into casual conversation. After awhile, he takes out his cell phone to show her something of interest. She enjoys the entertainment that he shows her.  They continue chatting and he is able to do touch test. She responds positively and it looks like there is interest. They continue talking on and off but as it goes on, it isn’t obvious if there is enough chemistry. Over the course of their chat, they *cheers* their glasses together far too many times. It look s like he is out of steam and she looks like she is losing interest.

How will this story end?

Credit: Robyn Hanson


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