All In

This was my 7th poker tournament and my 2nd one this year. I had lost in 10th place in the previous tournament, which was right before payout. There was about 40 people in this field and this tournament structure did not require working through the majority of the field. This would be an advantage to me. I played pretty well and was able to advance to the final table. I spend a lot of time watching players for body language and tells. Most amateurs including myself give away lots of information with our body language. I was quite on the ball for the night, so I was able to walk away with some significant bluffs, which is always the most exciting play to make. Overall, my tournament game has fewer holes in it then my cash games but that’s not saying too much.

I struggled to build my chip stack at the final table and found myself pretty short stacked once we were down to 4 people. I ended up moving all in on a pair of 8’s, but was in deep trouble against my opponent who held A-10, with an Ace on the board. I busted out on that hand; This was right before payout again. When I re-analyzed the hand with my friend, I acknowledged I could have just pushed in pre-flop. There was a chance I could have taken the hand right there. But in hindsight, knowing what he had, he would have called and it would’ve been the same results.

I was pretty content with my play for the night, but not so much the results. I always hear people say things like “oh I just play to have fun”. I find that expression odd. I play to win, but it’s not like I don’t have fun in the process. The two are not mutually exclusive as far as I know. This loss puts my record at 7 tournaments played, 3 final tables made, 1 tournament won. Those stats would look good if those were WPT stats!


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