Earth Hour

Last night at 8:30pm was Earth Hour. This was the second time my house went dark for Earth Hour. My feelings about Earth hour have previously been mixed. In the past, I felt that it was a bit of a gimmick that didn’t promote real change. My logic was that instead of turning off our lights for an hour, we should all be working to reduce our power usage in our daily routine. Of course, I was sorta missing the point. Earth hour is symbolic of the difference each of us can make when we make small changes in our life. This is not to say that small actions alone will create the necessary change, but it all begins with a small change.

Change is never easy but everything does begin with a small change. If you don’t believe that making a small change will have any difference or if you will only make a difference when it is easy, this is ultimately a reflection of other aspects of your life. Changing is never convenient. It is a conscious effort that enables us to grow ourselves and improve society. Going “green” is often not convenient but it creates tremendous positive change. When you evoke change in yourself, you can influence others to change too. I do believe that is the ultimate goal regardless of what type of change you are advocating.

I spent my Earth Hour lying on the couch reflecting on these ideas and listening to my parents talk. My dad loves Earth Hour because he gets to play with his candles. They eventually came to sit on the couch as well. It was a rare movement for us to be together and enjoy the peace that this event creates. Perhaps Earth Hour also reminds us to enjoy the simpler things in life…



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