Brainstorm Night

It was almost 1am, a whole hour after I had climbed into bed with the intent to sleep early that night. It might have been the milk tea or maybe I was too excited for the next day. Either way, I couldn’t sleep. I got up and turned on my light. What should I do, I wondered to myself. I had already read earlier and I didn’t really feel like reading more. I grabbed my notebook and decided to brainstorm on my charity.

I wrote the pilot name for the project at the top. I originally thought I wanted my name associated with it. I have since had second thoughts on it. It draws too much attention to myself. It isn’t’ very me. I wrote “must come up with better name” next to it. Where to start? I had a lot of ideas but this was one of the first times I was putting it on paper. I decided to start with the easiest. Core purpose and vision. After learning about these ideas last year and playing with them, it wasn’t a stretch that I had become somewhat obsessed with them. I wrote everything that came to mind.

I moved onto business partners. I wrote down a few names. Out of the few that I wrote down, I knew there was only one person that I wanted to collaborate with at this present time. I knew that could easily change, but I was not going to partner with just anybody. This was my baby and I would not compromise my vision.

Next. I went onto the different departments and people I would require. I wanted to be involved with all areas but I knew I lacked the skills in a lot of areas. I had learned many things about developing a business over the past few years and one of them was that you needed to bring in good people to fill in your weak spots.

I went onto other sections until I felt like I had a decent foundation. I finished off with how this would be different from anything else out there. I ended up splitting the charity into two branches. I wasn’t sure if I could call the other branch a charity, but it was still a non-profit entity. I put a target founding date and underlined it many times. I was satisfied with my night’s work.

It was now very late. I was probably even more awake now because of the excitement of my little brainstorming session. I turned off the lights and went to bed.


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