She shifted uncomfortably and I started to gaze off into the distance.
“Why does it matter?” I asked. “Why do you care so much about keeping the friendship??
She was quiet for a moment before muttering an answer. “I don’t like losing friends. Especially good ones.”
I shrugged. “If it mattered so much, perhaps you would be putting more effort in it.”
Silence again.
“Friends come and go. Sometimes you just have to let it go. Some things are not worth the fight.”
“But we promised..” She replies.
“Promises can be broken, can they not? What are promises worth to most people nowadays?”
Silence once more
“Not much right? That’s what I thought. Empty words. Intent is nice, but its all talk until its put to action” I said.

Don’t let your promises become empty words. Same for empty apologies.


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