Can we let go?

Awhile back, I encountered someone who had just got out of a relationship. She did not think he was the guy for her despite being with him for quite a long time. She did not feel he was “the one”. I could tell. Her body language told the story as she explained her dilemma. She loved him but she did not *love* him. When she broke up with him, she almost instantly felt better. Her entire demeanor had changed and I knew it. She was happy. I could see it. But yet she could not let go. In a short amount of time, she was back with him. Not because she was happier with him, but because she had become so used to having him around. It was routine.. it was comfortable.

How often do we let routine and comfort rule our lives? How often can we not let go of the things that hold us back? How often do we sacrifice our own happiness because the initial change is not easy? How far are we willing to let life push us into comfort and mediocrity?

Can we let go?



2 thoughts on “Can we let go?

  1. We have all been there… but when it is someone else you really want to shake them and say “WAKE UP” but that is totally unnecessary; as they eventually (or should) work it out themselves!!! 😀

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